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Here, you can learn about our current study and volunteer to be a participant.

Our Current Study

The Hillary Lab is pleased to report that we have just been funded by Pennsylvania's Department of Health to investigate traumatic brain injury (called TBI for short) later in life. Participants both with and without prior TBI undergo one or two five hour session(s). Each session is proceeded by an informed consent. Our study consists of seeing what your brain is made of, why it might be made that way, and how it works. We look at the different structures and connections throughout your brain with a completely harmless magnetic resonance imaging system (or MRI for short). We see how your brain works by having you complete several different, scientifically tested, activities outside of the scanner. These activities are accompanied by questionnaires that capture an image of what everyday life is like for each participant. Finally, by obtaining a saliva sample, we investigate the role of your genes in your brain's structure and functioning. While participants can choose to stop at ANY time they feel uncomfortable, participants who complete both parts of our study will receive $100 compensation. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the information below. You can also call us at 814-865-7025.

Participants can choose to participate at either:
University Park
OR Hershey Medical

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